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Mỹ tổ chức phát hành báo cáo của vũ khí hạt nhân của thế giới - nói việc phân phối của Trung Quốc trong 14 địa điểm hạt nhân

America Organization released the report of the world’s nuclear weapons – Said the Chinese nuclear distribution in 14 locations

Chinese nuclear distribution in 14 locations
Federation of American Scientists and the Natural Resources Defense Council recently released annual report of about 23300 nuclear warheads, deployed in 14 countries, 111 facilities. The report said China’s nuclear warheads is about 240, distributed in the 8-14 facility in the country, but they may not have all entered the operational deployment of the state.
Reported that there are around 23300 nuclear warheads, deployed in 14 countries, 111 facilities, of which nearly half of the warheads and their delivery can be fired in a short time with the deployment of weapons systems.
Reported that some Russian nuclear weapons storage facilities in 48 permanent, mostly for the storage of actual combat deployment of state of nuclear weapons. In addition, when nuclear weapons were transferred to other permanent storage facilities, the number of temporary storage facilities will also be used for storage of nuclear weapons. Ten years ago, Russia has some 90 nuclear weapons storage facilities, while prior to 1991 is up to 500, indicating the Russian nuclear weapons storage facilities have been greatly consolidated.
The report notes that the minimum distance between the Russian storage facilities, and close to the densely populated area. For example, the Saratov region will be deployed around a missile division, a strategic bomber base, as well as one or store more than 1000 nuclear warheads, state-level storage facilities.
Reported that the U.S. nuclear weapons deployed in 13 states and five European countries, 21 facilities. With a decade ago, 24, 50 at the end of the Cold War, and in 1985 to 164 compared to the U.S. nuclear storage facilities has also been a significant consolidation.
Nuclear weapons storage facilities in Europe and the United States mainland rather, nuclear weapons deployed in seven countries, including France in the seven storage facilities as well as British territory four storage facilities. Five non-nuclear NATO countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey) are still deployed in the territory of the United States during the Cold War the first deployment of nuclear weapons there.
The report estimates that China has a 8-14 related to nuclear weapons storage facilities, it may be related to a small number of China’s military for the deployment of nuclear missiles or aircraft closer to the base. The report holds that China’s Central Military Commission, under the control of nuclear weapons and carrying weapons storage facility, independent of platform, storage, and was not all entered the operational deployment of the state.
The report said Israel may have four nuclear storage facilities. Although so far on India’s and Pakistan’s nuclear storage facilities in a number of rumors, but the exact number remains uncertain. It is believed that the three countries of nuclear warheads and nuclear weapons delivery platform is stored separately.
Although North Korea has conducted two nuclear tests, but also on the North Korea nuclear weapons are also quite a lot of rumors, but the report said that so far there is no evidence that North Korea has nuclear capability.
The report notes that the density of nuclear warheads between countries varied. Russia in the 48 facilities, there are 13,000 nuclear warheads deployed an average of 270 stocks each place. Higher density storage of nuclear warheads the United States, with an average storage of 450 each place. However, the report stressed that this is only average, it is believed the actual distribution of nuclear warheads is very uneven, a number of storage locations or storage of thousands of nuclear warheads.

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